Massage and Emotional Pain

Physical Pain and Emotional Stress

At our Lynnwood foot massage clinic, your treatment is often as much about tending to your emotional pain as it is about tending to your physical pain. We want to ease your stress, calm your fears, and rid you of any depression that might come with your pain. After all, your emotional state plays a surprisingly large role in your pain.

There is a vicious cycle that can occur with pain, particularly back pain, and negative emotions. When you’re under stress, for example, it encourages certain muscle groups to knot up. This is why a stressed-out individual is more prone to injuries in the lower back.

Lower Back Injuries

When you suffer lower back injuries, your emotional state is only going to get worse. If your job is already stressing you out, you’re only going to be stressed out further if you’re faced with working through the pain. People have a tendency to imagine the possibilities of further pain, and project themselves into the worst possible scenario, which makes their condition feel far worse than it actually is.

At the same time, back pain often depresses people and makes them reluctant to participate in certain activities. They become over-protective of their backs, wanting to avoid anything that might put them back in pain. This can be counter-productive, as it prevents people from getting the exercise they need to maintain a strong, injury-resistant back. Avoid this cycle, and get treated at Sunshine Foot Relax.

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