How Reflexology Can Help Cancer Patients

Making Better Cancer Treatment Days

Reflexology does not offer much by way of scientific proof that it can treat or cure cancer. There is no evidence to prove that it can cure or prevent any type of disease, including cancer. Still, reflexology remains popular as a form of complementary therapy for persons with cancer.

There is difficulty to glean any curative effect of this therapy for malignancies because of the following reasons: most studies have mixed results or are poorly designed, most are small-sized studies, and that it cannot be proved that it is the therapy that works, not the effect the therapist had on the patient.

In the UK, reflexology is one of the most popular types of complementary therapy among people with cancer. While there is no proof of cure, some evidence exist that reflexology can help to relax and cope with stress and anxiety, help relieve pain, and uplift mood.

In the US, reflexologists are used in cancer treatment institutes to help cancer patients cope with their condition and their treatments. When cancer patients face stress, fatigue, or nausea as a result of their radiation or chemotherapy, they may turn to integrative therapies such as reflexology to help ease symptoms. Many also experience trouble sleeping. It is reported that patients sleep better at night after reflexology days, enabling them to have more energy when they wake up.

Although each patient responds individually, reflexology can support relaxation and comfort during cancer treatment and offers an alternative to traditional massage.
Traditional massage may involve whole body massage, or parts of the body thereof are involved. As a matter of preference, some patients do not want to be touched, or cannot be touched, turned or moved during treatment. Reflexology is a better, more comfortable alternative as it involves only the feet; no turning, repositioning or undressing is required.

Unlike massage, reflexology does not use muscle and tissue manipulation to achieve relaxation. Instead, specific zones in the feet that correspond to reflex points in other areas of the body are touched. This in turn stimulates nerve pathways that facilitate relaxation.

Easing Treatment Woes in Lynnwood

While reflexology may still require further research to determine its concrete usefulness in cancer treatment or any other medical illness, we at Sunshine Foot Relax in Lynnwood are determined to still provide our patients with the best in reflexology care.

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