Runners and Their Feet Problems in Lynnwood

Most Common Woes of Running Feet

If you have made a career out of running, or even as a recreational exercise, there must have been times you’ve experienced some type of foot ailment or injury. You might think that the pain and discomfort in your feet can go away with rest or taking medications. That might be so from time to time. But if you have been running for a while and the pain does not abate, find out what’s going on. Here are some of the most common foot injuries, sometimes you call them ‘runner foot pain’.

Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is felt as heel pain.The plantar fascia, which runs along the arch of your foot, gets irritated and inflamed with the repetitive stress of pounding the pavement. Intense training, ill-fitting shoes, and running too much, can cause the condition. To put less stress on your feet, it will help to switch directions and switch surfaces Incorporate other workouts like spinning and lifting.

Ankle Pain

Ankle pain is an acute injury. It can result from a fall or a stumble. You may also have a small fracture in the outside bone in your lower leg or the long bones in your feet that connect to each toe. Sprains most often happen with trail running; you didn’t see where you’re going, so you step on something and rolled your ankle. If it’s a break you can’t move your ankle, you must see a doctor. If it’s a strain, ice applications help.

Metatarsal Stress Fracture

Metatarsal Stress Fracture is an overuse injury to the metatarsal bones. The long bones in your feet that connect to each toe are involved. This can happen when running excessively and/or if there’s a biomechanical problem with your foot strike, like your foot overpronates or rolls in. A sports doctor or physical therapist is your best recourse when this happens.
Achilles Tendonitis is if you feel pain along the back of your lower leg near the heel which can get worse as you run. You have overworked the tendon so it begins to break down. It’s important to increase weekly mileage slowly. If you’re suffering from pain and can’t pinpoint the cause, get evaluated by a PT or MD to pinpoint the underlying problem.

Sesamoiditis is when there is irritation or fracture of the two little bones underneath your metatarsal joint. It may be related to a mobility, strength or stability problem within your ankle, calf, or hip. A PT might suggest wearing an insert in your shoe for cushioning and support.

Assessing Your Foot Pain in Lynnwood

If you suffer pain or have any discomfort in your running feet, come by Sunshine Foot Relax in Lynnwood and let’s assess your problem. We’ve seen a lot of runners who are our happy customers around here.

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